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To help out with our most recent community project (helping pay for a woman's breast cancer please fee free to:  https://open-up-your-hearts-18087.causevox.com/

The kids love filling up the To Go containers, and handing them out.

Here at Aspire Karate we also use the community to help shape our students.  The young and the older students all love to be involved in helping out the community.  

On a quarterly basis we hand out about 100 meals to the homeless in downtown Olympia.  We have also held clothing/blankets/tent drive and had 4 car loads that we delivered to the Union Gospel Mission.

We now have a mission that is bigger then our Dojo, and we are asking for your help to pay off a persons Breast Cancer treatment.  Breast Cancer treatment can cost around $2,000.00 a day.  

When the daughter of the Mother that we are working on raising funds for was asked to talk about the situation, this is what she said:

​"It is hard to know what to say, or how to explain when your mother gets a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  Infact she has 2 types of breast cancer.  One in one breast and another type in the other breast.  One has doubled in size in 21 days. You can feel the cancer.   It has already spread to her lymph nodes.  Tomorrow she will have a PET scan that will tell us if she has cancer in other parts of her body.

As a mother she is putting on a strong façade.  The truth of it all, I am afraid she is doing this to take care of her husband of 55 years, and her two boy’s who seem to be in denial.

How do you describe a person like my mother or mother’s in general.  Her heart beat was the first sound I ever heard as I was growing inside of her.  I think that is why as a child and a woman who is 52 years old is still comforted when her arm is around me and my head is on her chest.  That beat of her heart.

I never needed to ask if she loved me.  She was always teaching me things.  When we went for walks she would tell me what tree or flower was in front of us.  She taught me what berries you can eat, and berries and plants to stay away from.  I remember when she lifted me up time and time again to peak into a robin’s nest.  I was able to see those little blue eggs that soon turned into baby birds.  We did this until the little birds were grow and flown away on their own. 

When I was younger I flew away from home, in a manner of speaking.  A short time later I returned to the proverbial nest.  My mom became my best friend and I began learning more from my mother.  I do not think that God made us like those baby robins.

There have been times in my life when I haven’t wanted to be around. The world can be cruel.  But I thought of my mother, and that sound.  The sound of her heart beating giving me lasting comfort, strength and promise; and my heart would continue to beat.  As Lao Tzu says, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

My mother is a very patient, passionate, loving, and giving person.  She will think of others and not herself.  She has healed my father’s wounded heart.  He is the amazing man that he is today due to my mother’s patient and passionate heart.  He is so afraid he will lose her that he is paralyzed. 

He has major health problems himself.  It is so obvious to anyone who knows him.  However, he too is attempting to put up a façade.  He thinks he can take care of mom and be able to clean the house and walk the dog.  My poor father can barely make it 10 feet before he doubles over as that is the only position where he is not in crippling pain.  He has to have surgery soon, and my mother is worried about how she will be able to take care of him during her chemotherapy.  I told her she would not, that I would.  She told me I was forgetting my fathers pride.  He would be mortified for me to empty the catheter bag.  After all he changed my diapers. 

Besides raising two boys and one girl, my mom wouldn’t say she has done much for others.  This is not true.   I looked up the word accomplishment.  It is only known as a noun.  When I think of accomplishments it is a verb, especially my mother’s; she took action.

She went back to school in her late 30’s to early 40’s.  She became an Ultra Sound technician.  She introduced many mothers and father to their unborn babies.  She was there to emotionally support the parents when things were not going according to plan.  Her diligence in her work helped save many lives.

When she retired, she started making quilts.  She soon started a quilt club that made quilts for “Wounded Warriors”.  Every year one person was selected to accept one of the quilts.  The color guards would come and play, while marching with the flags.  Some men stood quietly and stoically.   Other men glowed with pride, while other men looked embarrassed, as if they did not earn it.  The hope is to let our warriors know, they are loved, and we are sorry for the pain they went/going through for us.

 Many times, the other quilters would not show up or two out of the 8 quilters in her group would show up.  Her goal was to make 100 quilts.  Then she was going to retire from it.  She and the club which she started has now done 138 quilts.  Letting our Wounded Warriors know we appreciate all they went through and how much they are loved for it.

My mother has not stopped teaching me.  I learn from her every day.  Her wisdom is deep, and something I can take with me wherever I go.  She has taught me unconditional love.  Some people think that you can only get that from your pets.  My mom has given it to my father and us kids and without judgement.

Mom, I deeply love you, so use that strength to pull through.  I, with the courage I get from loving you will stand strong by your side.  Together mom, side by side."

Here are a few people enjoying foods like, cake, cookies, brownies, enchiladas,   sandwiches, fruit, nuts, pizza, chicken adobo, salmon, and so much more.