Here at Aspire Family Fitness and Martial Arts (Aspire Karate) we recognize the sacrifices the parents make to give their child/ren a quality education.   We would like honor you by giving you a 30% discount per month on karate classes.  This discount is also available for the parents if they would like to join in the fun physical exercise.  This price is only good for new, first time students.

We have many sibling groups, a group of cousins, and several parent and children groups.  They love practicing together, competing at tournaments, and testing together. 

​Here is some information about Sensei Gabriel Trance:

Sensei Trance holds a 4th degree black belt or yondan.  He devotes his time teaching others the beautiful art of traditional Shotokan Karate -  Do.  Sensei Trance has 45 years of experience in martial arts (38 years of teaching the art.

Sensei Trance has experience working with the deaf, autistic, fetal alcohol effected, brain injured, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, ADD, learning disordered and Conduct disordered students, along with other special needs individuals.

Sensei Trance has successfully worked with individuals that have one or more of the traits listed above.  He loves to help others reach personal, mental and physical goals through his teaching of traditional Shotokan Karate.

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You can contact the school through e-mail:  angela@aspirefamilyfitness.com

(360) 214-2990

5739 Littlerock Rd SW suite 103 Tumwater, WA 98512