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The focus of Aspire Karate is to bring families together, character development, and self-confidence, focus, discipline and concentration.  Here at Aspire Family Fitness and Martial Arts we teach Shotokan Karate do.  We provide a warm family environment and we are community oriented.   We adhere to the strict 20 guiding principles of the founder of Shotokan Karate do.  Shotokan Karate do is not just about fighting and self-defense.

Below are 5 of the 20 guiding principles.

3. Karate stands on the side of justice

The do of karate do, is "the way". This way, which comes to us from the budo code of ancient warriors, says that we should not use our skills for unjust pursuits such as bullying or rabble-rousing. In fact, we should have the courage to stand up (verbally or physically) for the weak when we see them under attack. With power comes responsibility.

4. First know yourself and then know others

To know the ways of conflict, you must understand yourself. This refers both to your physical abilities, but also to your mind. There is no point understanding the way the world works if you do not understand how you interact with it.

5. Mentality over technique

Sharp mind may defeat the sharpest weapon. Whether you use tactics to avoid a fight, or talk to diffuse one, your mind is your first weapon. Once the violence begins, it is your tactics that give you the greatest chance of winning, not your physical abilities.

6. The heart must be set free

Do not get stuck into linear ways of thinking. Open your mind to all possibilities. Do not be trapped by your emotions - free your actions from emotional responses.  

8. Karate goes beyond the dojo

Karate is not just something that is switched on and off as you enter and leave the dojo. Matters such as posture, movement and strength should be attended to all the time as you go through your daily life. The do in karate do, means that you should hold yourself to a high physical and moral standard at all times.Type your paragraph here.